Employer Participation in HSAs

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As an employer, do I own my employees' HSAs? Can I control how they spend the money in them? My employees want to contribute to their HSAs but want to make sure they get a tax benefit out of doing so. How does that work? How much do I have to contribute to my employees' HSA, as an employer? Do HSA contributions have to be made in equal amounts each month? As an employer, do I have to contribute the same amount to every employee's HSA? Our company offers benefits through a Section 125 plan, do contributions have to be comparable under these plans as well? Our company wants to offer “matching” contributions, can we do that? I don't offer health insurance, but some of my employees have opened HSAs and I'd like to help them out, what can I do? How are contributions treated for owners and shareholders of S corps? How are contributions treated for partners in a partnership or limited liability company (LLC)? May a self–employed person contribute to an HSA on a pre–tax basis?