Who Can Have an HSA

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Who is eligible for a Health Savings Account? Can I get an HSA even if I have other insurance that pays medical bills? Does the HDHP policy have to be in my name to open an HSA? I don’t have health insurance, can I get an HSA? I’m on Medicare, can I have an HSA? I am a 6, can I have an HSA? I’m active-duty military and have Tricare coverage, can I have an HSA? My employer offers an FSA, can I have both an FSA and an HSA? My Spouse has an FSA or HRA through their employer, can I have HSA? I don’t have a job, can I have HSA? Does my income affect whether I can have an HSA? Can I start an HSA for my child? I’m a single parent with HDHP coverage but have child/relative that can be claimed as a dependent for tax purposes, and this dependent also has non-HDHP coverage. am I still eligible for an HSA?