About Us

Mr. Peter Smith, Owner and President of Timberline Health Benefits

Founded in 1991, Simmons Benefit Group Inc. is owned by Blair Simmons and is truly an independent insurance agency. We have access to over a dozen quality companies because no single company has the answer for everyone‘s insurance needs. Many agents in the marketplace are captive to one company that may not have the most appropriate product for your needs, health profile, and budget so your choices are limited. But with Simmons Benefit Group, you can choose your plan from all the major insurance carriers.

Furthermore, we believe that your health insurance plan is only as good as what it delivers when you have a major illness or accidental injury. You might be surprised how much of an impact a careful plan design can mean to your pocketbook. We encourage you to call us for a personal consultation and a free, no-obligation proposal based on your specific needs, health profile, and budget.

Thank you

Blair Simmons, President

Simmons Benefit, Inc.