Group Forms

(All)ISE-APP-8-2007Idaho Small Employer Application4Standard Application form for employees
(Rev. 9/2007)
Employer Participation Agreement/Application4To enroll small groups
28616-ID (Rev. 4/2006)Idaho Group Insurance Employee Enrollment Form5To enroll individual employees
3-468 (03-02)
Employee Census Data
2To enroll small groups
3-469 (06-08)Group Questionnaire for New Groups 2-50 Employees4To enroll small groups of 2-50 employees
3-470 (06-08)Application for Small Employer Coverage1To enroll small groups (employer form)
SHBAPP 07/08Employer Application4To enroll small groups
ISE-APP-12/2000Idaho Small Employer Application4To enroll individual employees in a group
Regence BlueShield5200ID (Rev. 4/08)Group Master Application4To enroll small groups
NexStep20082.pdfNexStep Product Brochure12Get familiar with the product
Procedure for Completing Appointment Application1How to get appointed with FSL
NexStep FSL Agent Data Sheet1Appointment Form for FSL
Cat. No. 20479P Instruction for the Requester of Form W-91Instructions for W-9 Requestor
W-9 (Rev. 1-2003) Instruction for the Requester of Form W-94Request TIN
NBSF, A-01027, A-01026NexStep New Business Kit7Group application forms
A-01026NexStep Policy Enrollment Form1Policy Enrollment form
Single Case Agreement2Commissions form
STD 02/20007NexStep Hospital Confinement Indemnity (GAP) Claim Form2Form for all claims